Bird feeders attracting black bears into residential areas

If you don't want to see bears in your back yard, don't feed the birds.

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s a growing black bear problem in western Massachusetts. They’re now being seen more in cities and suburbs than in the wild.

The reason for more bears showing up where humans live is because people are supplying food to them, and the bears keep coming back for more.  “Bears that learn to find bird feeders will go from one house to the next,” Wildlife Manager Ralph Taylor told 22News. “And guess what? They are filled. And tomorrow, they’ll come back and do it again.”

If you don’t want to see bears in your back yard, don’t feed the birds. That way the bears will not go after your bird feeders and stop coming back.

If you see a bear leave it alone, go indoors, and call police.