Fitball exercise routine beneficial for seniors

Modifications are suggested if an exercise is challenging for any participant

(CNN) – Quality of life is important as you age. Experts say that, for seniors, exercise is key.

“We have one basic rule. Don’t fall off the ball.”

For the next 45 minutes, these seniors will focus on core strength and flexibility routines using an exercise ball known as a Fitball.

Linda Long, an Instructor at Bodies in Motion said “The uniqueness of it is that you can sit on the ball, you can lie on the ball, on your back, land the ball on your stomach. You could put the ball behind you, you can put the ball in front of you. And then that creates this huge variety of exercises.”

The centers for disease control and prevention recommend adults age 65 and older engage in 75 to 150 minutes of aerobic activity every week and muscle-strengthening exercises at least 2 days of every week.

Fitball instructor Linda long says push-ups, sit-ups and squats can help seniors maintain their mobility. If an exercise is challenging for any participant, Long suggests modifications. The goal is for everyone to feel better mentally and physically.

Long said “I want them to be stretched out when they come to the class, I want to laugh. I want them to have had at least two laughs to sort of let their day ago.”