Don’t panic if you see black bears around western Massachusetts

The safest approach is to leave the bear alone

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This has been an active season for black bear sightings in western Massachusetts. The Masschusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife reports that black bears are living and breeding in central Massachusetts.

If you see one, there’s no reason to panic. Mass Wildlife said they don’t pose a public safety threat, as long as you don’t bother it.

Keith Devin of West Suffield, CT. told 22News, “I see them on my property all the time. They don’t do anything and I don’t do anything.”

The safest approach is to leave the bear alone. Don’t do anything to stress the animal, like following it. That could cause it to run out into traffic.

It’s a good idea to take in any bird feeders or trash cans, which will only attract bears.

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