Cop nearly hit by car in arrest attempt

The cop never fired his gun, even as the vehicle slowly drove away

(CNN) – We’ve seen the videos on social media time and time again, a police officer confronts a suspect, with the incident often ending in gunfire. In Canton, Ohio however, a confrontation with an officer in danger ended, a different way.

It all happened Monday night in a Walmart parking lot. Officer Darrell Pierson tried to confront a shoplifter when a man got out of the passenger seat of a car and tussled with the veteran cop.

“He like went after the cop like he was gonna try to fight the cop.” Witness Brandon Schneider started recording and saw the officer put the man back into the car. “I got to make sure i get this on video, just make sure…make sure everything happens the right way.”

But then, things started to go wrong. The car started backing up and Officer Pierson pulled his gun.

Schneider said “he didn’t even pull the weapon until he was about to get run over by the car and he was like, ‘if you back up anymore, I’m gonna shoot you” and let them know right then and there and he still didn’t shoot even when the backed up.”

Brandon said while he was recording the crazy incident on his phone, he was scared. He feared someone would get shot, or the officer seriously injured.

That’s when Officer Pierson ran to the driver’s side, listen as he uses his baton to break a window.

“…get out of the car! Get out of the car! Get out of the car!”

But the cop never fired his gun, even as the vehicle slowly drove away. That restraint earning praise from witnesses and fellow officers.

Schneider said “I’m really very proud of canton police department and how that officer handled himself and he wasn’t even on duty. He was just working at Walmart. So he could of, it would have been off duty officer shoots man in parking lot. That would have been the headline.”

Capt.Dave Davis, of the Canton Police Dept. said “By him not firing his weapon at these people, it just showed the value of life.”

The suspected shoplifter, Erin Buckley and the driver, Eric Thurman, were arrested by other canton officers a short time later, as was Troy Gordon who had scuffled with the cop.

Since then, Brandon’s video has been viewed on Facebook nearly four-hundred-thousand times.

Schneider said “the video is just crazy. I never expected that to do anything like that.”