Are brush fires common in November?

Western Massachusetts could still use some rainfall

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – The Chicopee Fire Department put out a brush fire off of Slate Road early Tuesday morning. Brush fires are not that common this time of the year; we usually see brush fires in the spring and summer.

Spring and summer are the prime time for brush fires to start because the plants and ground are dry and there are lots of dead leaves. But the ground has been abnormally dry because western Massachusetts has been lacking rainfall. Making conditions perfect for just one flame to start and then spread.

The South Hadley Fire Captain told 22News just how dry it’s been. Captain Jim Pula, from the South Hadley Fire Department, told 22News, “We’ve hadn’t had that much rain its been windy last weekend was windy, its been sunny so those are perfect conditions for dryness.” Captain Pula stressed for people to be a little more cautious than normal.

People might forget that we are still in a drought and all it takes is one cigarette to be flicked out the window to start a fire.

The rain we got Tuesday was very welcomed by many that’s for sure.

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