Questions you should ask your pharmacist

There are a few major questions pharmacists want you to ask

(CNN) – If you are taking medication prescribed by a doctor there are a few safety tips you should know about. Most of them start with your relationship with your pharmacist.

There are a few major questions pharmacists want you to ask. So, take these for a spin the next time you pick up a prescription!

  • Is this the right medication for me?

Angela Giallourakis of the Cleveland Clinic said “Is it safe to take with the current medications that I’m taking. Another great question to ask is if it’s going to interfere with any over-the-counter products I take. Can I take this with or without food? Is there a specific time of day I should take this medication? Can this product be crushed or mixed with food if it’s for a child?”

  • Am I allergic to this medication?

Giallourakis said “If we don’t have any allergies, we can’t prevent the interaction. If you are someone with an allergy it should be presented every time.”

  • What should I always tell my pharmacist?

Giallourakis said “Going to the same pharmacy every time is very important, it’s also important to know your pharmacist. You want to let them know what medications you’re taking, but prescription and over-the-counter. You want to let them know any disease states you currently have and if you’re taking any herbal supplements.