Mayor declared Holyoke an ‘Honor and Remember’ city

The flag will be hung outside Holyoke City hall in the next few days

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – An “Honor and Remember” flag will fly over Holyoke City Hall. A father who lost a son in military service, Gary Rud, donated the flag to Holyoke in a ceremony on Monday.

“My son and I wanted to do something for his brother, my son, in his honor and memory, and we thought the City of Holyoke would be a great place to fly an honor and remember flag for all the gold star families,” said Rud.

The “Gold Star” means a family has lost a son or daughter on the battlefield, or months later from battlefield wounds.

The “Honor and Remember” organization is dedicated to the recognition of our fallen military heroes and their families. The flag recognizes all individuals who have died as a result in serving in the United States military.

Each part of the flag is designed to thank, support and honor all military personnel.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told 22News, “It’s a small gesture that we can do to send the message that Holyoke and the broader community supports our military families, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and our ‘Gold Star’ members in particular, who have lost a loved one.”

Mayor Morse said the “Honor and Remember” flag will be hung outside Holyoke City hall in the next few days.