Maintaining a healthy lifestyle this Holiday season!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – When it comes to the holiday season, it’s the hardest time of year to stay in shape due to all of the food and family gatherings. Carolyn Phillips gave us tips on keeping our waistline in shape this holiday season!


  1. Increase mindfulness over the holiday season to reduce weight gain. Figure out your hot spots. Make a plan.
  2. Spread it Out: Don’t skip breakfast or lunch and save it all up, because your blood sugar level will plummet, then you will overeat and crave all the wrong things.
  3. Don’t Buy Prepared Items: You’re much more likely to get a higher caloric, less healthy option if you go pre-made.
  4. Food Swapping: There are countless food swap options out there, which allow you to have the same food but in a healthier way. Even if you’re having someone prep food for you, ask them to do in in as low calorie a way as possible.
  5. Think About Your Splurge Foods: Fill up your plate with the healthy stuff, then a few bites of the “bad for you” foods.
  6. Don’t Make The holidays a Free-For-All: Come up with better habits and strategies, otherwise you will never overcome that battle of the bulge.


  1. Squeeze it in, Don’t squeeze it out: Schedule your exercise time IN, don’t schedule it out. People are looking for ways to avoid workout time, but you need to fit it in and be conscious of it. Have your workout gear ready so if you discover some free time you can be ready to use it!
  2. Apps and Technology: There are some great apps and technology which can help you over the holidays.
  3. Make it a Family Commitment: Take a look at ways that you can add fun exercises WITH your family. There are tons of family-friendly holiday-themed running events in most areas. Sign up the whole family (don’t forget the costumes) for a fun, goofy Turkey Trot or Jingle Jog.
  4. Change your party plans and traditions to make them more active: if you’re watching the football games on Thanksgiving Day, maybe have a wager with your friends and family- when your team scores, they have to run around the house when their team scores, you have to do it.
  5. Make it official: Sign up for a race, competition, or fitness-y vacation like a hiking or bike trip in January or February so you have a good reason (and plenty of motivation) to stay in shape over the holidays.
  6. Sign Up Now! Many gyms and exercise studios offer deals and specials during the holidays.