Five Tips for Junior Year Success

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – When it comes to college preparedness, it’s important that you impress potential colleges with a great performance in your junior year. Alexis Avila, Founder of Prepped & Polished, Tutoring and Test Preparation joins us with Five Tips for Junior Year Success.

Five Tips for Junior Year Success

  • One is to look at your portfolio and see where your holes are up to this point. Do you need extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences? Do you need to get a job?
  • Step two, start thinking about the types of colleges you might be interested in, big schools, small schools. Do you want to live close to home? Are you on a budget? This is the time that you want to make your initial list and it’s okay if you come up with 20 or 30 schools to start. Eventually, they’ll trickle down.
  • Step three is to take the SAT/ACT, or both, twice, spring of junior year, to free up your time, potentially, fall of senior year.
  • Step four is, do well in your junior-year courses. Get some good grades so that you can get invited into a rigorous and challenging AP and honors courses senior year.
  • And step five is visit colleges, spring break, junior year, if you can, definitely summer after junior year if you can as well.

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