CT town officials responding to viral KKK video

Stafford's first selectman is meeting with law enforcement Monday

East Windsor Police held a news conference Monday afternoon regarding the KKK video

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. (WWLP-AP) – Officials in two Connecticut towns just over the Massachusetts state line said they are looking into a video circulating around Facebook that appears to show people dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire.

East Windsor police said Monday they’re looking into a complaint about a video circulated online depicting “a couple of people within a gathering” wearing a white robe and hood resembling those worn by the hate group. The department says it’s considering criminal trespassing charges and the video has been taken down.

First Selectman Anthony Frassinelli of nearby Stafford said that there have been some indications that the video involved some residents of his community.

“We will not let the actions of a few ignorant people embarrass our town and its residents,” Stafford First Selectman Anthony Frassinelli wrote in a Facebook post.

The selectman described what he saw as a “disturbing and disgusting racist video.” He said he was planning to meet with law enforcement Monday to determine if any laws were broken and what can be done to address the behavior displayed.

The video showed several people gathered around a bonfire, and others riding dirt bikes around it. Some of the people in the video were wearing, as Frassinelli described it, “KKK garb.”