The last “supermoon” happens Sunday night into Monday morning

We won't see another supermoon until 2034

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It won’t happen again for 18 years, and tonight’s weather is looking great for this historic event. 22News is working for you with when we can see the great supermoon tonight and when is the next time we will see it again.

If you’re a sky gazer get ready for a show tonight!

A “supermoon”, or basically a big full moon, will return for late Sunday night and through Monday early morning. It will be the closet full moon of the year. This supermoon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than it usually is. This will make it the biggest supermoon in almost 70 years.

A moon is considered a “supermoon” when it passes slightly closer to Earth in its orbit. As the moon orbits the Earth in a circular path it traces in an elliptical shape. As a result, the moon is not equidistant from the Earth. With the moon being closet to the Earth and having the moon being full during the month it will appear bigger.

22News talked to Jason Baver, from Agwam, who told 22News he is definitely getting out to see it, “You’re only gong to see it 3 times in your life so why not watch it now.”

Effects from a supermoon is minimal here on Earth and places like western Massachusetts. However, places along the coast may see affects in ocean tides. Along the cape, some hazardous weather advisories have been posted. They can possibly see high tides. This will bring risk for minor coast flooding and beach erosion.

Here in western Massachusetts moon rise is at 4:20 PM and moonset is at 5:07AM. The best viewing time will be early Monday morning.

Richard Disalessi, from Agawam, told 22News he will be watching, “Its the first super moon we have had in quite a while and its the most important one well have quite sometime I hear, and it will be peaking right around the time I wake up in the morning so ill be able to check it out.”

Enjoy it while its here! The next time the moon will be this bright, full, and close will be 2034.

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