Springfield Mayor sends strong message to criminals

Domenic Sarno said, he hopes the judge "throws the book" at those suspects

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Early Saturday morning — Springfield police responded to a call, two men shooting guns at 129 Chapin terrace in the city’s liberty heights neighborhood.

When officers got to the home, they found a jeep on fire, and a home riddled with bullets.

“Unfathomable. I just can’t put my head into somebody who would do something like that,” said Robert Vaillancourt of Bristol, Connecticut.

Mayor Sarno had strong words for the suspects, “But these rabid animals should be ashamed of themselves.”

The suspects then led police on a high speed chase, while throwing evidence into the Connecticut River.

“I know the dive team is looking for the guns they threw into the river, I tell you what, I’d like to throw them into the river,” said Sarno.

Mayor Domenic Sarno said the only way to keep Springfield and other urban areas, across the country safe, is to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars. The mayor has been an advocate for tighter bail reform.

“But now a message has to be sent. They’ve been apprehended and they should really throw the book at them and keep them locked up for a very long time,” Mayor Sarno told 22News.

The chase ended with a crash with a police cruiser on East Columbus Avenue. Two police officers were hurt, but are expected to be okay.

Mayor Sarno continued, saying, “It’s up to the court system and the jail system to keep them locked up. They’ve already decided their path. Their course in life that they’re going to be negative.

The mayor said the only way to stop bullets is jobs.

“Put our people to work, no matter what creed, color or background, whether its white collars jobs or blue collar jobs. That’s why I work so hard in my administration to create thousands of good paying jobs,” said Mayor Sarno.

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