“Almost Christmas”

A Look at the movies

Rated PG-13

1 hour 45 minutes

Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, Mo’Nique,Omar Epps

It’s family friction season when the clans gather for the holidays to stuff themselves and open old wounds.

“Almost Christmas” follows the formula flawlessly serving a generous helping of caustic humor with a touch of drama straight from the heart

Patriarch of the family, Danny Glover’s the loving father forced to play referee.

His kids are too wrapped up in their own issues to appreciate Danny’s pain over the recent death of his wife, their mother..

“Almost Christmas” plays out  its familiar fireworks with more genuine feeling than most holiday reunion comedies.

You can sense the tension from the underlying rivalries and jealousies..

A solid support cast play their roles to the hilt. But it’s Gabrielle Union as Danny’s outspoken, independent daughter who comes away making the most vivid and heartfelt impression. The picture has  a generous, feel good quality.

So join Danny Glover and family and share their boisterous few days trying to truly be a family again. “Almost Christmas” captures enough of the spirit we can all recognize to top off their Christmas tree with 3 stars.

Let me tell you, it’s really satisfying seeing Danny Glover again.

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