Massachusetts police investigating baby’s death

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (CNN) – Massachusetts police are looking into whether or not drugs had anything to do with a baby’s death.

The five-week-old was found along with two unresponsive adults Thursday. Only two people were seen coming in and out of the house at the end of Harrison Place, including a young man, and a cousin of the baby’s mom.

Massachusetts infant dead, two adults found unresponsive

“We believe it was an accident but you know until, I guess, we hear otherwise,” said the cousin.

Sources say drugs could have played a role, firefighters arriving at the house around noon Thursday.

Deputy Chief Frederic Flynn of the Marlborough Fire Department said, “The woman coming out of the house with an unresponsive baby.”

The baby 5 weeks old and inside, firefighters discovered a 19 year old woman and a 23 year old man in bed, both unresponsive. They quickly pulled out a kit and gave them each a shot of an overdose reversal drug.

Deputy Chief Flynn said, “If they found some reason, and again, I’m not sure what they found that they might have thought there had been some kind of opioid overdose, they would’ve administered Naloxone.”

The infant dying soon afterwards. These sisters say they were invited to the baby shower a couple of months back.

“To hear that, it’s just kind of shocking to know that somewhere here it can happen, it can happen anywhere,” said neighbor Jasmine Benitez.

Sources say investigators are now looking into the possibility that one of the adults rolled over onto the infant killing the baby. Neighbors say the family originally from Peru, is very religious.

“Nobody would expect it from a Christian family, really religious family. It’s horrible,” said neighbor Armando Mateo.

The unidentified 19-year-old woman and 23-year-old man remain in the hospital. Their conditions are currently unknown.