Hate on the rise following election

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Another night of anti-Trump protests.

Despite calls for unity by the President-elect himself as well as Hillary Clinton and President Obama much of the country still seems to be divided. There are also reports of hate crimes and other violence following Trump’s victory.

Far from quenching the bitterness of the long campaign, the final vote has inflamed passions with anti-Trump protesters flooding the streets in more than two dozen cities, cursing the president-elect, burning his effigy.

Simultaneously, acts of intimidation and hate – by pro-Trump forces – are also flaring. At a middle school in Michigan, a cafeteria chant of “build the wall.”

At a Minnesota high school, graffiti: “go back to Africa”, “whites only,” “Trump” and in North Carolina similar words: “black lives don’t matter.”

In various sites around the northeast, police report Nazi-themed, pro-Trump graffiti. An African-American doll hung up on a college campus and the door to a Muslim prayer room scrawled with the president-elect’s name.

There is no reliable way to measure the true motivation behind all these recent incidents, or to know yet if this represents a significant increase since law enforcement tracking of hate crimes requires extensive investigation first.

In California, more examples. A Muslim woman says her head scarf was yanked by an attacker. Authorities don’t know if it was politically motivated. Her take:

Esra Altun, a woman who says she was attacked while wearing a hijab, said, “It’s a weird coincidence that if it wasn’t a hate crime, it’s a weird coincidence that it happened right after Trump became president-elect.”

At a west coast high school, a mom says this is how her daughter’s day started.

Melissa Frazier, Student’s Mother, said, “She walked into her first class in the morning and was greeted with, ‘are you ready to go back to Mexico?”

At the same school, a student handed out deportation notices said it was a joke.

“It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. You’re making fun of my family. You’re making fun of my friends…and it hurts,” said Melissa Frazier.

Still, the protests against Trump and his supporters, while largely peaceful, have been undeniably bigger and have brought their own ugliness; cases of vandalism, arson, arrests, and pain…

Through all the hard words, one clear message is coming through: Although the battleground votes have been counted, the battle rages on.