Hampshire College student protesters burn American flag

President Lash says he wants to get students talking and create a healthy dialogue about student feelings

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The President of Hampshire College is apologizing for his students Saturday night after someone burned the American flag in the center of campus. Hampshire College in Amherst is known for their civil disobedience. A flag burning incident on Veterans Day has the campus President admitting it was disrespectful.

hampshircollegeflagJohnathan Lash, President, Hampshire College said, “I really regret that.”

However, some students don’t.

Garrison Greenleaf, Hampshire College Student told 22News, “I think if you don’t respect the symbol then go for it. I personally don’t respect the symbol.”

On the Wednesday following the election the campus sadness was palpable on a walking path chalk art of a broken heart with a band aid and the words, “we’ll be okay.” College administration agreed to recognize student sadness by lowering the flag to half-staff.

U.S. flag burned at Hampshire College, 2 days after being lowered

And the campus takes down that flag every night for fear that someone may try and burn it again. Something that the college president says he regrets.

Johnathan Lash, “I think that most of the students on campus regret it.

Most students didn’t want to talk to 22News. The flag was burned on Veterans Day.

Lash said, “We have many veterans on campus. It was a symbolic act that genuinely hurt them. We have no idea who did it.”

No idea because there are no cameras on campus. President Lash says he wants to get students talking and create a healthy dialogue about student feelings. The flag will remain at half-staff during the day and be taken down at night until that happens.


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