A home shot up, car lit on fire, and police chase in Springfield

Garcia and Quinones are being held at the Springfield Police Department headquarters

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A home was shot up, a car lit on fire, and police were led on a chase through Springfield early Saturday morning. 22News Reporter David McKay spoke with the people who live in the home that was riddled with bullets, and discovered it was more frightening than any parent could imagine.

“It was scary, because this is where Aubrey sleeps, and that is where she would have been, and she could have been dead, and why?  It’s something no one wants to live through. No one wants to imagine and we lived it, and we’re just, we’re just grateful she wasn’t there,” Myra Lopez, of Springfield said.

Springfield Police were called to the report of two men shooting guns at Lopez’ home at 129 Chapin Terrace in the Liberty Heights neighborhood around 3:00 Saturday morning.  Lopez said she has three children living in her home. Her two toddler granddaughters, Carina and Aubrey, and her nine-year-old daughter Isabella.

Isabella Lopez, of Springfield said, “I heard a gunshot and a window shatter. So I went to my mom’s room and I looked out the window, and there was a fire.”

When officers got to the home, they found a Jeep Grand Cherokee on fire in the parking lot. Springfield firefighters put the flames out quickly and determined it was arson. However, it was the bullets that hit inside the room of Aubrey, the youngest, which gave most concern.

Six bullets were fired into the nursery room of the soon-to-be one year old around 3:00 in the morning; right where she sleeps in a crib. Police said they found five of those bullets. One of them 22News found lodged in the windowsill.

Aubrey’s mother said it was luck she wasn’t there.  She had been fussy with a cold and was taken to her parents’ room to sleep for the night.

Delynet Martinez, of Springfield mentioned, “Very fortunate that she’s okay. I’m happy she was sleeping with us for the night. I don’t think I’m going to ever let her sleep in her crib now. It’s kind of traumatizing, we’ve been up since 3 a.m. this morning. We don’t want to sleep.”

The crime continued. Police saw a car fleeing the area of Lopez’ home, leading them on a chase. The car sped to the North End Bridge into West Springfield then back over again.  Police said they saw items being thrown from the car into the Connecticut River below, and some were believed to be guns. The chase ended with a crash with a police cruiser on East Columbus Avenue. Two police officers were hurt, but are expected to be okay.

One of the suspects was injured and also taken to the hospital. Lt. Richard Labelle identified the two arrested as 35-year old Jose Garcia of Chicopee and 28-year-old Henry Quinones of Springfield.

Myra Lopez, “There’s just got to be sheer evil because no good-hearted person would ever do this. There’s no reason for this.”

Lopez said she believes the suspects may have been targeting someone who used to live at the home, but police are still looking for motives. Garcia and Quinones are being held at the Springfield Police Department headquarters facing numerous charges.