Veteran indicator on licenses, IDs now available at no cost

The indicator used to cost more than $20.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Baker announced Friday the Registry of Motor Vehicles is now providing licences and IDs with “Veteran’s Indicators” to veterans at no cost.

The “Veteran’s Indicator” is a symbol that appears on a license or ID and can be used as proof of service to obtain benefits and services available to them as former members of the Armed Forces.

Before Friday, eligible veterans had to pay $25 to have the indicator printed on their ID or license.

“Our administration is pleased to offer this service free of charge to support the courageous men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces,” Baker said. “It is our hope that Veterans across the Commonwealth will choose to have a veteran’s indicator added to their Registry credentials to receive the recognition and support they duly deserve.”

Veterans who wish to have the designation on their license or ID must bring the following with them to a RMV service center or designated AAA locations:

  • ADD-214 that indicates “Honorable” in the Character of Service box or Character of Separation box.  Only the long form (full page) DD-214 is acceptable; the short form (half page) cannot be accepted.
  • ADD-215 that indicates honorable discharge.
  • An Honorable Discharge form.  This form was used during WWII and the Korean War and does not display a Character of Service box or a Character of Separation box.

According to the Massachusetts Veteran Services, there are more than 365,000 veterans living in Massachusetts.

MassDOT said even if a veteran’s license or ID card is not eligible for renewal, he or she can obtain a duplicate license or ID card for no fee with the “Veteran’s Indicator”.

Veterans will have to pay the normal renewal fees if they add the indicator when they renew the driver’s license or Identification Card, as they would have to pay those fees otherwise