Self-defense claws collect DNA from attacker

The Tiger Lady may be beneficial for some people

(CNN) – Stephanie Herrada of Nesbit, Mississippi, is a confident pistol-packing 51-year-old woman. 38 years ago, she was a sad, 13-year-old girl, sexually assaulted by her best-friend’s stepfather.

Herrada said, “I tried my hardest to fight, but I was very small. He was very over-powering. So i felt quite helpless because i didn’t know what was going on.”

Her attacker was charged, but never convicted. Her feeling of helplessness lingered until her attacker died 19 years after the assault. “And that’s when I let it all go and decided I wasn’t going to be a victim anymore.”

Herrada earned her handgun carry permit and regularly sharpens her shooting skills but she says she likes having a repertoire of self-defense options. “I’m always looking for different options.”

A new option is the Tiger Lady, which is $29 and is a close-quarters option. Herrada said, “It’s very light-weight.”

Squeeze it and out pops sharp claws. The Tiger Lady’s claws are designed to collect DNA from an attacker in case the attacker escapes or can’t be identified. Herrada said, “At least this way, you’re going to get some DNA for the police to go by.”

“You’re just gonna take one step and turn.” Self-defense expert’s Robby and Kristina Beard of USA Karate help Herrada test the tiger lady on a fabric designed to imitate human skin. Robby beard says by the look of the cuts, the tiger lady will collect an attacker’s DNA.

Robby said, “It’s just not going to incapacitate them from attacking you. If it doesn’t stop the attacker, the attacker could actually take this weapon and use it against them.”

Herrada said, “I don’t know, I just think the blades or claws could be a little bit longer.”

Both Herrada and Kristina observed the Tiger Lady’s claws are too short. Kristina said, “If they could be a little bit longer, I’d think that might be a little more beneficial.”

The Tiger Lady may be beneficial for some people. Herrada said, “Maybe some young teenage girls who aren’t allowed to carry pepper spray or a handgun.”

However, for this once traumatized teenage victim. Now confident protector, Herrada will stick to her guns.

The Tiger Lady is supposed to come with a strap you can wrap around your wrist so that an attacker can’t take it from you.