Passengers call 911 after bus driver hits cars in Mass.

Passengers were transferred to another bus

(CNN) – Transit police in Massachusetts are investigating a bus driver charged with leaving the scene of a crash.

Surveillance video shows state police, lights flashing, pulling over MBTA bus. It was concerned passengers who called 911.

Passenger Laurie Salvato-Sousa said, “Everyone was just like, ‘Why is he driving? He should not be driving if he is hitting cars.’”

Salvato-Sousa was on Route 132 MBTA bus as the driver swiped a curb in Melrose and slammed into a parked car. “The bus driver went to pull in to like, where the stop is and there was a parked van and it kind of just went and slammed into the van.”

Laurie says it was not until another passenger insisted that the bus driver got out to look at the damage he’d caused. “He got out for only a couple of minutes then just got back on the bus and kept driving.”

Riders sounded the alarm and state police moved in eventually pulling the bus over on Main Street in Stoneham.

Witnesses say troopers gave the man a field sobriety test then detained him until transit police arrived. Jennifer Sacco said, “He was just sitting there, staring off into the abyss and the cop was standing there like an armed guard.”

Meanwhile, passengers were transferred to another bus.

Friday night, transit police say the driver, a 12-year veteran of MBTA, is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. Police also looking into whether he was driving under the influence of prescription medication.

Transit officials say the bus driver will not be allowed to operate a Massachusetts transit vehicle until the investigation is complete.

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