Melania Trump’s transition to First Lady

You can't say Melania hasn't had plenty of training

(AP Photo/John Locher)

(CNN) – Melania Trump is preparing herself for life as the First Lady of the United States. She had tea at the White House on Thursday with current First Lady Michelle Obama.

However, it looks like Mrs. Trump is already a step ahead, as someone who’s used to being in the public eye. She’s been a model, she’s done commercials; she may seem like an odd duck for a First Lady, but Melania Trump is just like us.

At first glance at her Facebook, where she posts videos of beautiful beaches, and that great Aerosmith concerts she attended. As well as the “fun night with my two boys”…Donald J. Trump and their son Barron.

Unlike her husband, Melania’s not addicted to twitter, but some of her older tweeted photos are fun…Melania as Batwoman for Halloween. Wearing a catsuit, teasing her husband “Honey, see you soon.” And there’s this oldie but goodie…the Clintons at the Trumps’ wedding. Ok, maybe she’s not just like us.

Not everyone has fans, and not everyone goes to galas in designer gowns. You can’t say Melania hasn’t had plenty of training for all those state dinners she and president Trump will be hosting.

Almost instantly after the election Melania updated her Instagram. @realmelaniatrump became @firstladymelaniatrump. On Thursday she chronicled her trip to Washington, writing “such an honor” to visit the White House. Little did she know this would end up being her home back when she tweeted a photo captioned “at home with my husband.”

Don’t worry, Melania, there is a piano in the White House, should you feel the urge to recline.

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