Massachusetts residents oppose natural gas compression station

REHOBOTH, Mass. (CNN) – A natural gas pipeline compressor station is planned for the town of Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

3 years ago, Chris Gauthier bought this land in Rehoboth and turned it into a horse farm. The family’s dream was coming through until recently when spectra energy announced plans for a natural gas pipeline compressor station right next door to Chris’ horse farm.

“I’m not sure if they think that they can just come in and push us around to get what they want,” said Gautheir.

According to opponents, the compressor stations are needed to move the natural gas through the pipeline.

“We’re all guinea pigs for these companies that are coming in for profit taking,” said concerned resident Tracy Manzella.

Other residents are concerned that leaking gas will pollute their drinking water. “I can’t stress enough that they’re not governed by the Clean Water Act or Safe Drinking Water Act,” said Kellyann Erskine.

Not only do opponents claim the compressor stations pollute air and water, but there’s that daily jet engine noise.

“This compressor station will destroy the character of Rehoboth,” said Kathleen Boivin of Rehoboth.

Because there is little or no local regulation over this particular kind of project, what these residents now want is for the governor or the state attorney general to step in and stop it.

Does Massachusetts need more natural gas capacity?