Massachusetts infant dead, two adults found unresponsive

Infant dies after being found with 2 unresponsive adults in Massachusetts.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. (CNN) – Police in Massachusetts are investigating after an infant and two adults were found unresponsive Thursday. The child has since died.

“There’s a hysterical female. I can’t make anything out. Involving a child I believe.”

Marlborough Police called to a home on Harrison Place just before noon Friday for two adults and a baby unresponsive inside. The baby, neighbors believe just two months old, pronounced dead at the hospital.

Frank Cahill, Neighbor: “I don’t like the idea of the baby. I love children. I don’t understand what happened to the baby at all.”

The Middlesex district attorney tells fox 25 a 23 year old man and 19 year woman are being treated at a local hospital. Jasmine Benites says that young woman was a classmate of hers at Marlboro high school.

Jasmine Benites, Classmate: “She’s pretty like, quiet to herself. I don’t know the full story. I thought they were all set, a content, happy family.”

Nicole Soo, Neighbor: “I believe they were a boyfriend and girlfriend from what i understand. There were a couple of different women that lived in there. So there was a grandmother, a mother and a younger mother, I do believe.”

Nicole Soo lives a few houses down. She’s shocked to hear the tragic events unfold right down the street.

Nicole Soo, Neighbor: “They always said hi when they would walk by us. Nothing ever seemed off or bad, they always seemed very nice. Very simple.”