HS student hands out ‘deportation letters’

Student said it was all a joke but for some families it's not

(CNN) – One day after the election. A California high school student handed out fake deportation letters on campus. One mother is speaking out after she says her daughter was targeted by this incident and other racial remarks.

Melissa Fraizer, Parent said, “I’m all about love and kindness and acceptance and for someone to treat me differently, it hurts”.

Just a day after Donald Trump was announced president-elect. A student at Shasta High School handed out ‘deportation notices’ to students of different ethnicities. He recorded it and these are screen shots from the video which was then posted onto twitter.

Melissa Fraizer, “People need to think twice people they open their mouths because it’s not who you are.”

The superintendent of the Shasta unified High School district says the student told him it was all a joke but for some families it’s not.

Fraizer, “It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. You’re making fun of my family, you’re making fun of my friends and it hurts.”

These ‘deportation notices’ were not the only racially charged incident. Melissa fraizer’s daughter goes to shasta high and comments about deportation were made to her by another student.

Fraizer, “She walked into class, her first class in the morning and was greeted with, ‘Are you ready to go back to Mexico?’ My initial thought was, ‘You’ve never even been to Mexico. What are these people thinking?”

Melissa never thought teenagers would make her feel unsafe.

Fraizer, “This is horrible, this is just absolutely horrible. It puts a fear inside me that I never knew that I had.”

Melissa hopes the students involved realize their actions were hurtful and she wants the school to take action.

Fraizer, “I didn’t know that I would let it affect me the way it has and you need to apologize.”

The Shasta High School unified school district superintendent says the school will not tolerate this behavior. However, it was not clear what actions if any were taken to discipline the student.