Crashes common along the Longmeadow curve

The Longmeadow curve was only #15 on the high crash roadways list

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A man was killed after he crashed his car in Springfield following a high speed chase on Interstate 91 Friday morning. The driver tried to take the Exit 2 ramp by the Longmeadow curve, when he lost control of his car, and crashed.

Crashes along the Longmeadow curve are common; we’re up to four crashes in the last month there. The 22News I-Team did some digging and found out there’s been 15 accidents that we’ve covered on the curve in the last two years.

Back in July, a tractor trailer crashed and was laying across both lanes of I-91 north. In October, another tractor trailer collided with a car, injuring two people. It’s just a dangerous stretch of highway.

“They have construction going on which doesn’t help it any. It seemed like before that it was okay, but there are too many roads that are coming down into, there’s two or three trying to connect. Everyone’s trying to get into one lane and I think sometimes they cut you off and that’s probably what it is,” said Nadia Wall from Berlin, Connecticut.

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission examined high crash roadways from 2007-2009. There were 69 crashes between exits 1 and 2 on I-91 in that time frame.

The Longmeadow curve was only #15 on the high crash roadways list in the Pioneer Valley.  #1 was the Agawam Rotary.