Changes to parking rates in Northampton take effect on Monday

Northampton looking to upgrade meters and kiosks by early 2017.


NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Changes are coming to Northampton’s parking system. You’ll be able to park longer on Main Street but starting on Monday, it will cost you a little more.

The maximum time you are allowed to park will increase to two hours. But the price goes from 75 cents per hour to $1 per hour. That’s only the immediate change.

Northampton is also working to upgrade their meters and lot kiosks to accept credit and debit card payments as well as payments through a phone app. The goal is for that to be up and running by early 2017.

Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz told 22News Main Street merchants are looking forward to the change because it will allow people to shop longer while the city says it will also help create more parking space turnover.

The new system will get its first test next Saturday on Bag Day, a popular shopping day in the city.