This year’s Christmas tree on its way to 30 Rock

The Eichlers weren't sure their tree would be chosen for 30 Rock

(WKTV) The second-largest Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree ever a 94-foot tall, 56-foot in diameter, 14-ton Norway spruce was cut down in Oneonta, New York and hoisted by two huge cranes onto a 115-foot long trailer for the drive to Rockefeller Center on Thursday.

The process all started seven months ago when Rockefeller Center head gardener Erik Pauze spotted it in the backyard of the Eichler family.

“Once you find the tree, you approach the owners and tell them you would like to use it,” Pauze said. “Then you feed it. It’s several months of work.”

Even with all that work, the Eichlers weren’t sure their tree would be chosen for 30 Rock. They finally got the word in September, and since then it’s been a whirlwind.

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