Protests have long been part of people fighting for what they believe

The Nashville rally was just one of many across the country

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The election seems to have grown the political divide across the country.

On Wednesday, a group of students and other organizations marched and had a sit-in in the middle of the street in Nashville.

Protests have long been a part of people fighting for what they believe.

As students from several colleges and universities took to the streets protesting the results of Tuesday’s election, it brought back memories of the protests of the 60s for Civil Rights activist Kwame Leo Lillard.

“Their movement is global; our movement was basically black and white,” Lillard said.

Wednesday’s protest was peaceful, unlike some of those in the past where police would often unleashed dogs onto the protesters.

“They were clearly part of the status quo their job was to maintain the fear and the oppression,” Lillard said. “They were paid to do that.”

But conservatives said everyone should accept the results of the election.

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“When Barack Obama was elected, conservatives were rioting in the streets; we accepted that transition that he had been elected,” said Andrew Ogles, State Director of Americans for Prosperity.

Fisk University Political Science professor Dr. Reavis Mitchell says it’s a new day in politics.

“We see those who are young political activists, and activism is now a reality in American political spectrum,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell also said students are holding elected officials accountable.

“It’s not that easy to transfer that credit-ability to students, to intellectuals asking questions,” he told News 2. “Simply because you are elected to an office, they are going to question whether you are fit to serve in that capacity, and they are going to judge you by the statement you’ve made and by the positions that you’ve have taken.”

The Nashville rally was just one of many across the country, and no matter what side of the political fence you’re on, there is a political divide is sure not to end anytime soon.

“It’s important for President-elect Trump to reassure the students and the people of this country that the traditional American values will not be changed or forsaken,” Mitchell said.

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