Video: Helmet camera captures a motorist attack

The attacker claims it all started over a post on Instagram

(Credit: CNN/WPLG)

(CNN) – Cruising through the streets of Miami, a motorcyclist is recording when, all of a sudden, he’s attacked by a motorist. 27-year-old Kevin Machin is defending this violence.

Admitted attacker Machin said, “I do have anger issues. I’m Cuban. You know, I get it from my roots.”

He claims it all started over a post on Instagram.

Machin explained, “She went and told her boyfriend that I was trying to get at her, just because I told her that we don’t need to be talking.”

From there, a heated exchange of messages ensued that Kevin says escalated into threats.

Machin noted, “He said that he could have my motorcycle stolen and thrown into the Miami River.”

The motorcyclist, 19-year-old Joseph Lastreta, didn’t want to talk, but he did make it clear that he had never met his attacker until this violent encounter.

Machin said, “I already told him to come meet me to come fight. He never showed up like a man. So honestly, all I did was, I was leaving the area. I see him. Bada bing, bada boom.”

Miami Beach detectives reviewed this footage and arrested Kevin at his home.

Machin concluded, “I got somebody working on it, and he told me that there’s not going to be any prison time involved. This is all petty. We’re going to come to a solution civilly.”