Anti-Trump protesters march for second day

People surrounded Trump buildings in Chicago and New York, and in several states

(CNN) – Thousands of demonstrators once again line the streets Thursday night from coast to coast, voicing frustrations and concerns following Donald Trump’s presidential victory. For the second day in a row, people have taken to the streets nationwide to protest the man voted the next president of the United States.

Citizens have been demonstrating in dozens of cities almost around the clock since Donald Trump was declared the winner.

Ahmed Kanna, Socialist Alternative Organizer, Berkley said, “People are furious, not just that the results of the election last night, obviously, but the rhetoric of Donald Trump, which has been completely appalling and hateful.

Another reason for their anger Hillary Clinton, will likely win the nationwide popular vote. In California, Clinton received a whopping 60 percent of the popular vote.

Fueling a small, vocal group of ardent protesters carrying hashtag Cal-exit signs. While most protests have been peaceful, dozens have been arrested for setting fires, vandalism, assaulting officers, and unlawful assembly.

People surrounded Trump buildings in Chicago and New York, and in several states, students organized walkouts

President-elect Trump has yet to comment on the protests, but one time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has this to say about what’s next for democrats.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, “Do not despair. Get involved in the political process. The views that we hold, that we should be a vibrant democracy and let’s work together to create the kind of nation that most of us know we can become.”