4-year-old boy drafted by Mass. college baseball team

His folks hope he'll see a real draft someday

(CNN) – A young Massachusetts boy has lived a tough life but an active one. The 4-year-old has already been drafted to the Assumption College baseball team in Worcester.

Just 4-years-old, but he’s a champ. An athlete all-around, on the field, on the slopes, and a fighter all his life. Ari Schultz has congestive heart failure. He’s had three open-heart surgeries, two before he was even born.

Erica Schultz, his mother said, “We don’t know what his future holds, but if you look at him you see how active he is. Every day he has a zest for life.” That zest and a love of baseball keeps him smiling.

His folks hope he’ll see a real draft someday, but for now, he waits for a new heart and shows us all how to live.

Mike Schultz, his father said, “It’s a big part of anyone’s development to understand just how fragile life is and how amazing it can be, even when you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

Ari, the littlest recruit, with the biggest heart.

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