Loopholes in legalizing marijuana

It's not just about selling marijuana, but also being accountable for how much you have at home

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Marijuana becomes legal in 5 weeks, but Massachusetts can’t start selling it for almost 2 years.

As of December 15th, Massachusetts adults will be able to legally possess pot and get high. With passage of ballot Question 4 Tuesday, Massachusetts joined Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska as states with legal recreational marijuana.

54% of voters passed ballot Question 4, allowing adults 21 or older to buy, possess, and use up to an ounce of marijuana, but retail sales won’t begin until 2018, creating an unknown regarding where people can get their weed.

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Lawmakers also haven’t figured out how to regulate edible products, which can be more concentrated than smoking weed. Bonnie Nalubega of West Springfield, a mother, told 22News, “The kids go to the parties, and they’re like, ‘Oh there are brownies here!’ It’s second nature to them. The kids are talking about it like it’s nothing.”

Emergency rooms in Colorado have seen an uptick in marijuana overdoses from edibles since 2014.

Adults can grow up to 6 cannabis plants, but there’s no law to check each house to make sure adults are within that limit. Some, like Erik Cowhey of Ludlow, suggest using the experience of other states as a model for ours. “History is a great indication of the future, so if someone has some experience, we are better off knowing than not.”

State employers will also have to review their drug and alcohol policies at work to ensure it covers marijuana use.

California and Nevada also voted to legalize recreational marijuana Tuesday.