Cops stay in burning home with paralyzed man

The officers refused to leave the burning house

(WMC/CNN) – What started as a small grease fire quickly filled this home with smoke and flames. Inside, four people, three of them disabled. A caretaker called 911.

First to arrive were Shelby County Deputies Daniel Wilson and Crystal Davis. Without hesitation they ran in to the burning home. Deputy Wilson said, “We weren’t going to just stand outside and let him stay inside that house while it was burning.”

The caretaker and two others escaped with help from Deputies Wilson and Davis, but trapped in a back bedroom was a man paralyzed, a man deputies couldn’t move. Deputy Wilson said, “Me and Officer Davis, we were trying and trying, we weren’t able to lift him so we stayed with him inside the house until the fire department came.”

Despite pleas from the man for the two deputies to leave him behind, both stayed inside the fiery home until firefighters arrived with the tools to save him. Putting their lives on the line to save a man who couldn’t save himself.

Deputy Davis said, “I am not a hero, okay. I am just doing my job, and I am glad that everybody was safe.”

There were no serious injuries. All of the people who were inside the house, including the officers, were treated for smoke inhalation.