Yes or No: Massachusetts’ ballot question breakdown

Massachusetts has four questions on the ballot.


CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – This election year, the focus has been on the race for the White House, but there are four ballot questions you’ll be asked that could impact everyone in Massachusetts. 22News is working for you with what a yes and no vote means for each question.

Question 1: Expanding slot machine gaming

  • Yes on 1 would allow the state gaming commission to license one more slot machine gaming establishment.
  • No vote would keep the same number of slot machine gaming facilities as we have now, with no changes.

Question 2: Charter school expansion

  • Yes on 2 would allow for 12 new charter schools each year or allow current charter schools to expand their enrollment, effective January 1, 2017. That would be as long as the enrollment didn’t exceed more than 1 percent of traditional public school enrollment.
  • No on 2 would keep the cap on charter schools at what it is now.

Question 3: Farm animal conditions

  • Yes on 3 would make it illegal for farms to confine pigs, calves and hens so that they can’t turn around, extend their limbs or lie down in their pen.
  • No vote would keep the laws the way they are now.

Question 4: Recreational marijuana use and taxation

  • Yes vote would allow people 21-years-old or older to possess, use and purchase marijuana for recreational use. It would also allow the state of Massachusetts to tax and regulate the sale of recreational marijuana.
  • No vote would prohibit the sale, use and taxation of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts.

Several towns and cities in Massachusetts also have a fifth ballot question specific to their communities. In 16 local towns and cities, that question will ask voters if they’d be willing to pay more in taxes for a community preservation act, which would pay for projects like making parks handicap accessible, restoring local architecture, or any other community improvement projects.

To read the text of each ballot question in its entirety, click here.

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