Will Presidential social media accounts be passed down?

If you want to read old tweets from president Obama, you'll still be able to

(CNN) – This election is like no other. Especially when involving social media. Presidential candidates have used twitter to insult and inspire but after voters choose a new president, what happens to president Obama’s social media accounts?

President Obama is considered to be the first social media president. He’s used Facebook, YouTube, and snapchat. Of course we can’t forget his twitter account @potus.

An account former president Bill Clinton famously asked, “Does that username stay with the office? #AskingForAFriend.”

When the potus moves out of the white house, his social media accounts will stay for the new president to use. Here’s how it will work:

The Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and similar social media accounts will keep the current followers, usernames, and url, but the timeline will have no posts. Meaning the new president will be able to start from scratch.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to read old tweets and other social media musings from president Obama, you’ll be able to. The president’s archived tweets will be on the new twitter handle @potus44.

Other archived social media posts will also have new “44” usernames and just like past presidents, the national archives and records administration will preserve emails, notes, and now posts.

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