What is “Question 5,” and what does it mean?

Community Preservation Act question in some communities, different issues in other cities and towns

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There are four statewide questions that voters are considering Tuesday, but in several communities there is a “Question 5;” an additional ballot question for voters.

Yes or No: Massachusetts ballot question breakdown

Voters in five local cities and towns: Holyoke, Palmer, Pittsfield, Springfield, and South Hadley, will decide whether to approve or deny a Community Preservation Act ballot question. The outcome of the vote will have an impact on residents’ tax bills.

A “yes” vote on “Question 5” would support an increase in property taxes to fund community projects, such as open space preservation, parks, restoring historic buildings, and constructing affordable housing. If the majority of voters approve the question, it would add a 1.5% surcharge to residents’ tax bills (except in Pittsfield, where the surcharge would be 1%).

CPA questions are not the only “Question 5’s” on the ballot in western Massachusetts. West Springfield voters are deciding whether to increase their mayor’s term from two years to four years. In Amherst, residents are considering a plan to build a new elementary school. Hatfield voters are deciding on whether to authorize funding for the next phase of their Town Hall renovation. In Lee, voters will determine whether to establish a dedicated funding source for their drinking, waste, and storm water infrastructure.