Vandals shattered the glass on the Holyoke library benches

The vandals caused $5,000 in damage

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Vandals destroyed the Holyoke Public Library’s benches over the weekend, and the library director believes it was intentional.

Vandals shattered the glass of all four libraries benches. The Library Director Maria Pagan told 22News the temper glass was a half inch thick and made to hold someone’s weight.

Pagan said, “I have found out that when somebody vandalizes a building, it’s usually visitors. That is the question that I want to know, why? Not as much who, but why?

She added that the vandals caused $5,000 in damage. The benches are made of concrete and electrical lighting, to light the area at night.

There are no surveillance cameras outside the library, but they’re now considering installing them.

Click Here if you’re unable to view the map above

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