Recap of the Saturday Night Live election skits

By the next SNL, one of these two will have won the presidency

(CNN) – It’s been a mean and divisive presidential campaign, but Saturday Night Live has made it a little easier to take.

Like the real Clinton and Trump, they have sniffled, shimmied, lurked, and stalked through this endless campaign. By the next SNL, one of these two will have won the presidency.

The last SNL before the election had Erin Burnett asking the questions, but comedy could barely keep up with reality.

Clinton impersonator Kate McKinnon said in one skit, “The FBI’s not trying to help me. The FBI doesn’t like me. What even is the FBI?”

The very next day, the FBI director gave Hillary’s emails the all clear.

The real candidates also made appearances. One SNL skit actually predicted a meeting between Trump and Mexico’s president 10 months before it happened.

Not since Tina Fey have comedians been so identified with the candidates they impersonate.

Hillary liked it, saying, “I thought I was gonna fall off my chair.”

Trump didn’t, commenting, “He’s portraying somebody who’s very mean and nasty and I’m not mean and nasty.”

Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon even came out of character to complain about the campaign, saying, “Don’t you guys feel gross all the time about this?”

They then went off together hugging each other’s supporters. Just don’t expect the real Trump to carry the real Clinton around on his back after we finally get this election off our backs.