Massachusetts might legalize recreational marijuana

Massachussets is one of several states voting on marijuana-related laws.

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts voters are answering some controversial questions through through ballot measures. Question 4 on this year’s ballot asks voters whether the state should legalize marijuana for recreational use.

A yes vote would allow adults 21 and older to possess, use, and purchase marijuana. This would include edible products, and allow people to grow marijuana in limited amounts. The state would be able to tax and regulate the commercial sale of marijuana. A no vote would keep the current laws the same.

Massachusetts was the first state to restrict cannabis on the state level in the early 1900s. In 2008, possession of small amounts of marijuana was decriminalized in the Commonwealth and medical marijuana became available in 2013.

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“I think it’s up to everyone to decide,” Kate from Williamsburg told 22News. “I don’t think it’s really up to the government if it’s okay with them. I don’t think anyone should be penalized for that. It’s up to the people that are responsible enough to use it.”

Lawmakers have already indicated that if marijuana is legalized for recreational use, there could still be some modifications as to how it would be implemented with taxes. The latest poll by Western New England University showed 61 percent of people support legalization.