Man catches burglar cooking sausage, stabs him

(KSNV/CNN) – Arvi Remmelg will never forget finding a stranger cooking sausage in his own kitchen. “I smelled cooking and after that someone approached my bedroom door and when he opened the door, I stabbed him.”

This is the pocket knife Remmelg used. He claims he jammed it right into the home invader’s chest as the robber opened his bedroom door. “Not very strong but like, through the chest and he started to bleed because i don’t know. In hindsight… I didn’t stab him like, very, very hard,” said Remmelg.

The burglar ran out of the house. Police say they checked local hospitals and found no reports of a man with a stab wound to the chest. Remmelg said, “I screamed to him like, you know, get out of here and then he ran away.”

The home invasion happened near Charleston and Maryland Sunday night. Becca Hollis lives right next to Remmelg. She can’t believe this happened; “It’s scary, like I’m, it’s kind of a little nerve wracking honestly. I’m single I live alone.”

Remmelg said he does not know the suspect. He said it was too dark to get a good description.

The Estonian native said he will be ready if the burglar comes back again. Remmelg said, “It’s disgusting when somebody breaking in and making food.”