Folded ballots caused voting machines to jam in Amherst

Votes will have to be hand-counted; results may not come in until midnight

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A ballot issue caused a delay in the counting of election results in the town of Amherst.

In Amherst, Precinct 5 Warden Nancy Wilson told 22News they were expecting to have votes counted in Amherst until well after midnight. She said they were having issues processing early voting and absentee ballots. Those ballots were folded and placed in an envelope.

The folding caused an “accordion” effect when run through the machines and the voting machines were jamming. All of those thousands of ballots needed to be individually removed from their envelopes and run through the machines before all the votes could be counted and posted.

Wilson said the problem was affecting all precincts in Amherst including 5, 4, and 10, which were all at the Bangs Community Center. A poll constable told 22News that 25% of registered voters in Amherst took advantage of early and absentee voting.

Amherst has a young, student dominated voting population.

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