November is the perfect month for yard work before winter

Leaves can be beneficial for the yard

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The falling leaves are piling up. 22News is working for you with why its important to rake them up before winter. People have found out that if you don’t pick up the leaves they will create a problem for your lawn come spring.

The once beautiful Fall foliage now covers up a lot of lawns. The dead leaves fall from the middle of October through November. Each season is different for when leaves drop. The leaves started dropping this earlier this year than usual due to the drought stressed trees.

G&H Landscaping in Holyoke told 22News it’s important to clear those leaves off your lawn before the snow falls. Gary Courchesne, from G&H Landscaping, told 22News, “If you have a heavy leaf accumulation and it sits on the lawn all winter if snow mats it down and clean it up in the spring, chances are very good the grass underneath will suffocate and die.”

Leaves should not only be removed from the yard but from storm drains and gutters for preventing flooding. You can also chop them up.

That’s what Robert Freman, from Springfield, told 22News he does, “What I usually do is run them over with the lawnmower in the lawn and it works out for the lawn and it works out for me no raking.”

You can also use leaves for mulch in the garden, and in rose planting areas. You should avoid using pine needles for mulch in perennial gardens because they’re very acidic.