Man shot, killed over beer pong game

The fight broke out just before 3:30 early Sunday morning

NEW MEXICO (CNN) – A party ends in tragedy in Albuquerque New Mexico. It happened in the early morning hours of Sunday; a shooting over a game of beer pong and it’s not the first time the drinking game has turned deadly.

Just before 3:30 early Sunday morning, Albuquerque police say people were at this house for a party. That’s when a fight broke out in the backyard over a game of beer pong, spilling into the streets.

Chris Jaramillo lives right next door and says his roommates saw it all happen. “gunshots had went off, after taking a look at what was happening, they saw more people running across the street, another gunshot went off, and then from there, they just lay low.”

Those gunshots killed 22 year old angel Santana Martinez. Other neighbors we spoke to say they saw Martinez being treated at this fire station across the street from the home. He was eventually transported to UNM hospital where he later died.

This isn’t the first time someone has been killed over a game of beer pong in New Mexico. Esias madrid is charged with shooting and killing an eighteen year old in late December last year over beer pong.

Just days later on New Year’s Eve, police say Nathan Ware and two others killed one man and critically hurt another after a fight over that drinking game.

Jaramillo says this is a typically quiet neighborhood and that he can’t believe this morning’s chaos was all because of beer pong. “That’s just, shouldn’t be.  Over beer pong tournament? Really?”

Albuquerque police say a number of witnesses ran-off before officers arrived. As of Monday morning, there had been no arrests or suspects identified.