Homeowner prays with intruder running from police

Troopers say they found an additional suspect hiding in a garage

TULSA, Ok. (CNN) – A Tulsa homeowner kept his cool when a man on the run from police slipped into his home. T.A. Brown says he made the man coffee and even prayed for him! CNN spoke with the former minister who was able to show grace under fire.

Brown: “I got up and faced him and tried to stay as calm as I possibly could.”

T.A. Brown says it’s certainly not how he planned spending his Saturday morning.

Brown: “I made him some coffee, I done everything that I could.”

He says around 5 o’clock this morning he was face to face with Jeremiah Seals. The man police say stole two cars, led TPD and OHP on 2 separate chases and then broke into brown’s home.

Brown said “but he had come in through the back the back, through the sliding door. And he told me the story that he was running from police.”

We were breaking you breaking news coverage on fox23 news this morning about the search for the second chase suspect, when we saw police cars swarming in front of brown’s house.

Brown said, “I think he kind of knew at that time that it was over.”

Brown told us he kept seals calm for an hour and waited for the right time to call for help. “And spent an hour with him, trying to keep him calm, finally called a friend of mine and in the conversation, she asked me ‘do I need to call the police?’ and she said ‘yes.'”

He says of course the situation was traumatic but he was very calm when we talked to him this morning.

Brown: “I’m not going to let anything like that upset me, I’m perfectly at peace. I really am.”

He told us he’s a former minister. He says he was able to find the silver lining. “He wanted me to pray for him, and I did.”

Troopers say they found an additional suspect, Cassandra Gifford, hiding in a garage. Gifford and seals now face charges of burglary, eluding police and auto theft.