Goodbye Black Friday

black November
More and more retailers are giving up on the "Black Friday" single day shopping bonanza, offering up a month or more of savings instead.

(NBC News) Amazon, the world’s largest retailer, is among those no longer waiting for the single-day shopping bonanza known as “Black Friday”.

They’re joining the trend of those taking part in “Black November” instead.

“They’re taking advantage of this trend and wanting to make sure they’re engaging the consumer that’s already eager to shop for the holiday season,” notes Ana Serafin Smith of the National Retail Federation.

Several surveys agree consumers are eager, with more than 40 percent well underway with their Christmas shopping, stretching purchases over several paychecks instead of just one.

“They’re demanding to do their shopping earlier than ever so that when it’s December, it’s time to enjoy it with their families,” says’s Sara Skirboll.

Retail experts also expect other retailers to join in long before the day after Thanksgiving.

They say shopping earlier in the month means skipping crowds, less stress, and a better chance at getting the bigger bargains.

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