Driver involved in crash rescued by scavenger hunters

The woman has been discharged from the hospital as of Friday

(CNN) – Two men in Washington State went on a scavenger hunt on Halloween weekend, and their adventure ended up saving a woman’s life.

Sunday morning, Tim Turner and Derek Fisher went out geocaching on Horse Heaven hills in Benton city.

Turner said, “Geocaching is just finding treasures and finding things to sign and just our little game, our hobby.”

It is a scavenger hunt to find hidden treasures using GPS coordinates.

When they walked towards the bottom of the hill, they saw a truck that looked abandoned. Then, they noticed something else out of the ordinary.

Turner said, “When we kind of bent down and looked, you could kind of see in the flap and it was windy and you could see a leg and a hand.”

Fisher added, “You know it was just kind of awe. It was shock.”

A woman was inside the car, still alive.

Turner explained, “She spoke to us, and suddenly we are in conversation. It’s like ‘Ok, are you all right? Are you the driver of the car? Was there a passenger?’ She’s answering ‘no, I’m the only person in the car. I don’t know how I got here.'”

It was 52 year old Cindy Hendrickson. She spent 14 hours trapped in the back seat of her car after rolling down a 150 foot embankment.

They called 911, and the men said she was airlifted to a hospital. She fractured two neck and five spinal vertebrae, as well as two ribs.

Fisher concluded, “Relief to see that she was probably going to be okay. I’m very thankful.”

The woman has been discharged from the hospital as of Friday.