Alcohol loophole closed in West Springfield: BYOB ordinance

You will only be allowed to bring your beer or wine to locations with a BYOB license

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – West Springfield closed a major loophole Monday night. You’ll have to leave your beer and wine at home if you’re going to certain restaurants in the city.

Previously, there had been no city-wide regulation to prohibit customers from bringing their own bottle of wine or beer to any business that serves food.

The Town Council on Monday approved Mayor William Reichelt’s proposal that only restaurants with no liquor license can apply for a BYOB license. Now you can only bring alcohol to businesses with these licenses.

“We close a little loophole we had now, but also have a tool for economic development,” Mayor Reichelt told 22News.

There won’t be a cap on how many businesses could have a BYOB license, and each license would cost a few hundred dollars. The restaurant can’t charge you for bringing in your own drinks, but they are responsible if you get too drunk.

Mayor Reichelt said, “While you’re not selling it, you’re still responsible to keep an eye on people, so you don’t have someone who drinks far too much then gets on the road, and then gets in an accident.”

The ordinance goes into effect immediately.

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