November is a great month to do yard work

leaves are continuing to pile up on people's yards

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – More and more leaves are piling up in people’s yard which is expected in November.

What once brought us beautiful fall foliage, is now just bare tree limbs and branches. Those beautiful leaves now cover our yards, and in some yards piles are stacked high.

With November expected to be slightly above average when it comes to our temperatures, it will be a good month to catch up on some yard work. Before temperatures get colder, and those piles leaves become piles of snow.

22News talked to Hadley Garden Center who gave 22News some tips on cleaning up your yard this month before December rolls around. Dan Ziomek, Nursery Manager at Hadley Garden Center, told 22News, “Cutting back on perennials is always a good idea, clearing away leftover material from the plants so you don’t have over wintering diseases and insects.”

Even though we’ve already seen our first snowfall in October its still a good idea to get those big piles of leaves off your yard before the snow begins to pile up

If leaves aren’t picked up from your yard they tend to mat down on the grass, and can smother the grass and even causes diseases.

If you want to recycle your leaves some leaves can be used to mulch plants like roses, protecting them in the winter.

Hadley Garden Center went on to tell 22News that you can use tree wrap, which is best on fruit trees, to protect them from mice during the winter months.Burlap can be used to protect plants from the wind and sun.