The world watches the U.S. presidential election

The world looks to America for leadership on everything from economic issues to the fight against ISIS

(CNN) – It’s not just Americans who are captivated by the US presidential election. The wild campaign season has been the talk of much of the world. Who becomes the next president of the leading superpower is of global concern. The rest of the world doesn’t get to vote in next week’s election. It is watching the race with rapt attention.

And it’s easy to see why. The American election has global consequences. Donald Trump, initially seen as something of an amusement, is now, in many countries, a figure of fear and loathing.

In Mexico, Easter celebrants this year chose to burn effigies of him, rather than the traditional Judas. While in Germany, activists took pleasure in tearing down their own “trump wall” as the foreign minister called him a “preacher of hate”.

The French president didn’t mince words either, saying, “Trump’s excessiveness makes people want to wretch.”

Or as one Canadian newspaper summarized it, ‘we’re terrified’. But Clinton is not popular everywhere either. In Russia, which has been accused of hacking Democratic Party emails to influence the election, she has been denounced by one lawmaker as a cursed witch. While president Putin has publicly praised trump.

Vladimir Putin, “Donald Trump is a colorful and talented person.”

In Israel, trump supporters are so confident of his popularity -they have set up shop to get out the vote among expats. It seems everyone, no matter where they live has something to say about the US election.

“Hillary is more predictable and because of that markets would react in a positive way. If Trump wins, Brazilian markets would certainly fall.”

So what’s the bottom line? The world looks to America for leadership on everything from economic issues to the fight against ISIS

While Donald Trump may be good at grabbing international headlines, few overseas believe he can provide stability.

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