Teen kills grandma after fight over beer

A roommate who was there at the time says the fight started over a few beers

(CNN) – An 18-year-old accused of beating to death his grandmother over an argument about beer appeared in court Friday. The incident happened October 10th in Jacksonville, Florida.

Authorities say Dylan Broughman got upset after his grandmother hid his beer from him while he showered.

Evidence of a fight left behind at this east Arlington home. You can see, holes in the wall where arrest records say Dylan Broughman got upset with his grandmother, Joyce Courson, and kicked and punched holes in the wall.

We spoke with a roommate who was there at the time. He says the fight started over a few beers.

Dillon Ross, Roommate said “She was just covered in blood. There’s blood everywhere all over the floor and she was bleeding profusely from her head and the house was trashed. Holes in the walls and what not.

Courson was taken to memorial hospital with multiple facial injuries. Police say Courson told them that her grandson beat her. She died 8-days later, and now Broughman’s charge have been upgraded from aggravated assault to murder.

He’s being held without bond pending arraignment. His mother tells me he has a history of anger issues, but this isn’t like him.

Tracey Broughman, Dylan’s Mom said, “Sweet, sweet, little boy. Very soft spoken, even now.”

We caught up with Dylan’s paternal grandmother after his court appearance Friday. She told us the family has a number of past issues and this was bound to happen.

Evelyn Stepka, Dylan’s Grandmother said, “The state has to understand what has happened to this child for six years. He always had an anger issue. I told them that. How does your anger issue dissipate if you’re living in this situation?”

Broughman has no previous arrest record. His arraignment is set for November 23rd.